I am Adri Geyer

I am a Life and Business Coach and Occupational Therapist

I can help you unleash your full potential and become the master of your life, career and emotions.

Are you reaching your full potential?

I believe that the greatest gift you can give to the world, is the best version of yourself. After all, there is only one YOU. I can help you to create a positive mindset and give you the right tools for you to unleash your highest potential. I can empower you to bring balance to your life and business by equipping you with tools to master your thoughts and emotions. Teaching you to love yourself first – in order to avoid burnout, increase productivity and live a life of value.

I can show you how your everyday thoughts create results and help you dissolve volatile emotions, deal with loss, grief, anxiety, blame, shame, guilt and resentment. If you’re ready to unlock your full potential, develop yourself and scale your business, let’s connect for a FREE consultation and talk about how 1:1 coaching could benefit you.

Adri Geyer

Are you ready for change?

Change is never comfortable; but the good news is, I am here to help you embrace change and the benefits it can bring to both your personal and professional life. Having someone to walk the road with you, can be undeniably powerful and this is where the value of 1:1 Coaching comes in.

I can help you to breakthrough self-sabotage and transform your life, relationships and career. Combining mindset, action, deep healing and the final ingredient is fierce self-love. If you are ready to work with me and go on a journey to create the life of your dreams.
Join my community and prepare to get inspired.

I want greatness for you.


“The Bring balance to life program has benefited my business, because now I am a MUCH CALMER therapist and a MUCH CALMER "boss" at the practice. I handle situations with much more grace and emotional intelligence, and this was one of the personality traits that I have always envied in other people. By being calmer at work, not forcing every day in the BY ME mode. I am sure that this positive mind was ‘sent out’ by me, since August 2020 my practice has busier than ever. I get more done more effectively.
Aliscia Bekker
Occupational Therapist, & Private Practice owner Specialising in Lymph Drainage, Hand Therapy, Trauma
“We asked Adri to facilitate sessions at our studio in her field of Work Balance and Purpose. She also spent individual time with us as well as online workshops. The content of her course is exceptional and we all agreed that it was a life-changing period for each of us personally, but also as a company. We work extremely long hours with people and patients that ask for a lot of emotional support from us. The content and special attention that we got from Adri was not only professional but also practical and informative. We enjoyed every session. As a company we grew closer, having a better understanding of each other, but also being better equipped to manage our time.
Suzette van Rooyen
Physiotherapist & owner of Pilates studio
“I was actually looking for a way to help my brother who at the time tried to commit suicide and was not really committed to go to his Psychologist. And I thought that I should try the program to see if it is something that would resonate with him. The program showed me the areas in my own life that I am struggling with and made me think and confront my insecurities and relationships, which I tend to just push aside because it is too exhausting to deal with it. The greatest benefit is that I actually took the time and made the effort to think about things/relationships that bothered me. It taught me to own the traits I do not like in others and to appreciate them.”
Izelle Möller
Forensic Pathologist, working for the Department of Health
Adri Geyer

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