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Start your journey to restore your life, your passion and your work.

Do you want to reinvent your life?

Working on your foundations is intended to create a superior understanding of yourself, your values and the influence you have on those around you. Through a deeper understanding of your behaviour, you will also be able to raise your game and live to your full potential. As a result, your communication will be more effective, with increased joy, productivity and fulfilment, whilst giving you a clear awareness of how you can influence others – in your family, among your friends and in the workplace

Unlock self-mastery now…

By attaining self-mastery, you will be transformed and despite any circumstances you can ever face, you will flourish in your career, business, relationship and at life.

You are worthy, you are enough, you can live a full and happy life.

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Start your journey to restore your life, your passion and your work. Determine your values and what drives you and start to establish or re-establish your purpose in life.
Building on your foundations can help you to bring balance back into your life, ignite joy and encourage rest, whilst giving you the tools to navigate your time better, to protect your best asset… YOU!

Many of my clients that have been on this course say, they joined to:

  • Feel good about who you are, what they do and what they have achieved
  • Do work that they enjoy and be fairly compensated for their time
  • Enjoy a job that lets you switch off and enjoy the rest of their life
  • Relish in a loving relationship, without the drama
  • Benefit from a loving and happy home life, no matter what the challenges they face
  • The ability to comfortably say NO to requests that don’t excite them, without the guilt
  • Make decisions that are best for them, without being paralysed by what others may think

If this resonates with you, SIGN UP TODAY

So, I know it does not feel great when part of the problem is you… but once you realise that, you are the perfect person to do something about it. With over 20 years’ experience, I have put together all the practical tools I have learned and use daily, so you can stop guessing how you can bring balance to your life.

I myself, have been through stress and burnout – with overwhelming feelings of being miserable and stuck. I tried all sorts of strategies and therapies, grew my hair, chopped my hair off, moved houses, surrounded myself with all sorts of stuff – but the same issues followed me wherever I went. Turns out a lot of it was me! I have spent my whole life in search of understanding human behaviour – diving deep into the world
of personal growth and transformation. I have amassed an arsenal of experience on understanding the fundamental principles on why we do what we do.

How does it work?

  • Do it in your own time and at your own pace -Online Long-Distance Learning = 12 CEU’s + 3 Ethics Points
  • You can buy the course now and have until December 2021 to complete the course
  • The full course will cost R2 200
  • Sign up for the long-distance learning program and we will send you the video to learn from the comfort of your own home
  • This coaching session covers 3 main topics to transform your thinking & behaviour
  • 12 CEU’s on level 1 including 3 Ethics

What else do I get?

  • Benefit from a 60-minute One-on-One Discovery Coaching session once the workshop is completed
  • As a bonus, you can also sign up for my magazine. It’s free. It’s filled with practical tools and insightful articles that will help you figure things out.

Is change on your vision board?

Change can sometimes be scary and uncomfortable. Coaching gives you a deeply invested soundboard to help you and your business on a journey of self-discovery – making you accountable for your life.

I can help you bring your vision for your life into full realisation. Bringing greatness to your life and career through mastery, time management and healthy boundaries, so that you can avoid burnout, boost productivity and find joy living the life you were created for.

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Does this sound like you?

  • Your career and personal life doesn’t feel the way you want it to
  • You desire meaningful work that gives you a sense of purpose
  • You want your life to feel energising, but instead you feel drained and tired
  • Your confidence and self-love are getting in the way of how you feel about your life
  • You are a perfectionist who always says yes, even when you need to say no
  • Your relationship need work, so they make you feel good too
  • You struggle to believe in your own capabilities and this hold you back

Well then, book your spot now

Get the lowdown

Session 1: Purpose and direction

It is a known fact, that the higher we value something, the more energy, order and discipline we will associate with it. The opposite is true too. What we often don’t realise is how and to what extent, we value things in our lives. This foundation workshop is based on these fundamental principles. In
the end, all the journeys we undertake, determine where we end up and that which we value the most will determine which path we choose.

We will explore:

  • What really drives you and why?
  • What inspires your life?
  • Why are certain areas of your life more ordered and others not?
  • Where does your leadership potential reside?
  • Where is your greatest wealth building potential?

Session 2: From vitcim to master

Isn’t it interesting that the first thing we lose when we are stressed, overwhelmed and
uncomfortable is a sense of ourselves? And it is painful. We can often become stuck as victims of our history rather than being masters of our destiny. It is wise to have strategies and tools to practically move you away from being a victim. What is yours?

We will explore:

  • At what level you are functioning at present and what results can be expected?
  • If you want different results, what you should start doing?
  • Why you are working hard, yet still not seeing results?
  • Why you are feeling burned-out?
  • What self-sabotaging behaviour is standing in your way?

Session 3: Learn how the world really works

We are motivated by a desire to fulfill human needs. When we understand what drives our decisions and behaviour on a daily basis, we can develop awareness of why we do the things we do and how to change them when and where they become destructive.

We will explore:

  • The need to feel important and why it makes you sabotage your own success
  • Why you are the way you are
  • The 6 factors that are behind every emotion and behaviour
  • Why you need to be certain of all outcomes and why you are afraid to take risks