Integrating coaching into your therapy and client strategies

Integrating coaching into your therapy and client strategies

A holistic approach to healthcare is a major trend in the Healthcare industry, with many opting for a value-based care model. This is a major benefit to patients, as their overall wellness is looked after and healthcare professionals are upskilling themselves, in order to provide the optimal healthcare for their patients need.
By Adri Geyer

For healthcare professionals, so much focus is placed on the patient’s needs, and that is how it should be. But as a healthcare professional myself I came to realise that in order to provide value care for my clients, I needed to first take care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally, in
order to better serve my patients. In my opinion, Coaching for the health industry is vital to ensure healthcare professionals are healthy and of sound mind. Both on a professional and human level, burnout happens. We need to work on ourselves, in order to build a long and sustainable career in the healthcare sector. This is where Coaching has a lot to offer, supporting and empowering your professional and personal development, to Bring balance to life and purpose to work. Having a Life Coach can help you identify your strengths, learn how to develop them, and recognize your personal and career goals. Not to mention, that a Coach will provide tips and strategies to Healthcare professionals that can then be applied, within their patient care – offering holistic healthcare and helping their patients adopt new and healthy behaviours. Having the right tools to overcome battles of the mind is a sought-after therapy that is essentially important, especially in today’s day and age, with mental health and anxiety, being at an all-time high. Ever so often, as a healthcare provider, you may find yourself treating a patient for pain, an injury, functional difficulties or even muscle strengthening – but being in the profession myself, very often this goes beyond physical ailments and you become the soundboard for patients’ emotional difficulties. And as we know, mental health can affect pain and rehabilitation potential. Dr. Caroline Leaf says, that research shows that “87%-95% of all illnesses are a result of thought life – which means what we think about, affects us physically and emotionally. She goes on to say that it” an epidemic of toxic emotions and once the mind responds, only then can healing truly take place. Coaching will not only impact your life and well-being, but it can also empower you with the right tools and strategies to handle these situations with the patient’s best interests at heart, whilst providing your medical intervention. In essence, health Coaching is assisting patients with knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their own healthcare. 

How will Coaching benefit me?

  • You will identify your strengths, learn how to develop them & sets goals for your life
  • You will be able to plan for a purpose driven work-life balance
  • You will develop your leadership style and drive a mentoring office environment 
  • You will be equipped with tools and strategies to deal with challenging circumstances
  • You will be able to manage the difficulties between your personal and professional life

How will my coaching journey benefit my patients?

  • You can help equip your patients to manage their mindset, whilst living with chronic pain and functional disability
  • You can assist your patients with overcoming mindset challenges and overwhelming emotions, as they will only benefit from treatment or rehabilitation if their mindset is positive and ready to heal
  • You will be better equipped to handle conversations with patients, on topics such as mental health, stress, anxiety, well-being and living a balanced life.
  • You will be able to treat your patients more holistically, providing a value-based model.
  • You will be equipped with tools and strategies to deal with challenging circumstances
  • You will be able to manage the difficulties between your personal and professional life

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Meet Adri, a Professional Life Coach
For the last 20 years Adri Geyer has been a keen student of human behaviour. Diving deep into the world of personal growth and transformation. Adri has attended seminars, courses, read books and she has worked alongside John DeMartini, as one of his experience facilitators. She amassed an arsenal of experience on understanding the fundamental principles on why we do what we do. Bring balance to life & purpose to work Join my 12-step program to change your mindset, create a healthy work-life-balance and live the life you were destined for. During this program, I will help you bring balance to your life & purpose to your work.
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