Bring Balance to Life

Here’s my promise…

By attaining self-mastery, you will be transformed and despite any circumstances you can ever face, you will flourish in your career, business, relationship and at life.

I believe that the greatest gift you can give to the world is the best version of yourself.

But at what cost?

We work hard to create a quality life for ourselves and our families, but very often the stress and burnout of a demanding career or job, can affect you spiritually, emotionally and mentally, leaving you feeling drained and overwhelmed. I want to help you to bring balance back into your life, ignite joy and encourage rest, whilst giving you the tools to navigate your time better, to protect your best asset… YOU!
You may find yourself at a crossroad, where life is good, but it could be GREAT with a career that kindles passion in you, peace of mind to switch off at home, enjoy prosperous relationship and appreciate overall health, happiness and contentment. The question is are you willing the walk the journey with me… So many of my clients are at the stage of burnout or depression and others really want to raise their game and level up. Some of the comments I hear so often are…

I’m doing okay, but I would love to go to the next level
I keep procrastinating and self-sabotaging my success and growth
I suffer from burnout, I am overwhelmed and overworked
My relationships keep falling apart
I want to grow my business, I just don’t have the strength or courage
I need more work-life balance
I am not living a life to my full potential

If this resonates with you, I GET YOU

II myself, have been through stress and burnout – with overwhelming feelings of being miserable and stuck. I tried all sorts of strategies and therapies, grew my hair, chopped my hair off, moved houses, surrounded myself with all sorts of stuff – but the same issues followed me wherever I went. Turns out a lot of it was me! I have spent my whole life in search of understanding human behaviour – diving deep into the world of personal growth and transformation. I have amassed an arsenal of experience on understanding the fundamental principles on why we do what we do. So, I know it does not feel great when part of the problem is you… but once you realise that, you are the perfect person to do something about it.
With over 20 years’ experience, I have put together all the practical tools I have learned and use
daily, so you can stop guessing how you can bring balance to your life.

Are you ready to make a change?

There is undeniable power in 1:1 coaching.

Coaching gives you a deeply invested soundboard to help you and your business on a journey of self- discovery – making you accountable for your life.
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Is it a good fit for YOU?

  • If you are a healthy individual ready to take your life to the next level
  • If you have experienced trauma and challenge and need tools to get yourself out of the pit
  • You want a practical step-by-step process to deal with growth/healing
  • You are more interested in your future than your past
  • You want a reliable plan that works in all circumstances
  • You want to get over your self-doubt and confusion
  • You want to breakthrough that which is holding you back
  •  You want to unblock abundance and live a life that matters
  • You want to follow a curriculum for business and personal growth created by someone that has experience in life and business

If you’re ready to find joy and make a big impact, let’s jump on a free discovery call and talk about how 1:1 coaching could work for you.

Get the lowdown

When you sign up for the Bring Balance to Life Program, you’ll receive immediate access to the complete online course.

All program content is provided upfront for you to work through at your own pace. Each module includes workbooks and video training to teach, coach and guide you through all the steps you need to create a life that feels extraordinary.

There is a bi-weekly group coaching call (via zoom every second Thursday at 17:00 SA time) where we will celebrate your wins and explore anything stopping your life from feeling the way you want it to. All the calls are recorded so you can watch them over and over again for insight and inspiration.

The value you will get:

  • Six 1:1 coaching session over the course of the 6-month programme
  • 24-week programme
  • Three strategy calls
  • 12 Group Coaching sessions ( 2 per month)
  • Step-by-step methodology that is easily repeatable
  • Full-day breakthrough transformative experience
  • For healthcare professionals it is also a huge bonus that the course is CPD accredited and you can achieve 69 general CEU’s on level 1 and 9 ethical points on level 1. Points are internationally accepted too.
  • In addition, daily support is provided via a private Facebook group. This group gives you the benefit of being part of a group with a common purpose – having an extraordinary life.
  • You will also find bonus materials on changing your career, your relationship with money and well-being inside the program.

In addition, daily support is provided via a private Facebook group. This group gives you the benefit of being part of a group with a common purpose – having an extraordinary life. You will also find bonus materials on changing your career, your relationship with money and well-being inside the program.

Module 1: Reinvent purpose and foundations

Successfully uncover the hidden beliefs, patterns & emotional blocks (positive & negative) that have led you to where you are. Clear up limiting thinking & replace it with empowering new habits.

No plant can survive if its roots are too shallow. Just like no building can stay up if the foundations aren’t strong. Sure, it may look good from the outside, but as soon as a storm comes, it’s starts to crumble. Many people are like that. Trying desperately to look good on the outside, while being emotionally fragile or empty on the inside.

This section will help you with:


  • Crystal clarity on purpose and direction
  • Accelerating your journey to mastery
  • Deepen your love and fulfillment
  • The journey to maturity

Module 2: Reinvent behaviour

Achieve the impossible by leveraging your mind. Every thought we think can be a choice we make. Retrain your mind to think in ways that bring positive emotions and therefor positive results.

Understand the key difference between people who succeed and those that fail in any area of life. Learn how to solve whatever issue is currently challenging your life, whether it is personal or professional.

  • Break the habit of old thinking
  • The breakthrough Experience
  • Implementing and refining tools
  • The new you. Celebrating who I am!

Module 3: Reinvent your relationship with life

Intentionally design and create the results you want in your life. You will complete your
transformation and experience a higher existence, more joy, freedom and fulfilment.
Bring it all together and have a clear plan for sustaining your extraordinary life.

  • Advance levels of consciousness a deeper understanding
  • Understanding what drives you at the subconscious level
  • Redesign your mind
  • A legacy to live for


“I have found Bring Balance to Life and Purpose to Work grounding and inspiring. Her understanding and application of the work she does makes it easy to relate and possible to action in my own life. By DOING the work she has taught me, I am deeply grateful for.”
Haneke Jonas
Occupational Therapist Private Practice Owner Chairperson of INSTOPP
“I worked with Adri, as I would like to help my younger physio's grow in leadership capacity. I also wanted to take my practice to another level with new developments coming up with a Rehab stepdown hospital with new possibility.”
Anna Swanepoel
Physiotherapist and Practise owner Specializing in Woman's health, Workability, Aqua-therapy and Pilates